Inverness United Methodist Church
Thursday, June 08, 2023
Bringing people closer to Christ through worship, education, and ministry

Sunday School

Sunday school begins at 10:00 am with devotion time in the fellowship hall.

Nursery Class

The Nursery Class is open for all children from infants to through 2 years old.  Any age child may stay in the nursery during Sunday Worship Services.

Children's Primary Class

The Children's Primary Class is open to preschool children.  Teachers are Clete and Ashley Putnam.

Children's Intermediate Class

The Children's Intermediate class is open to elementary school children.  Teacher is Amy Arrington.

The Very Young Adult Class

The Very Young Adult class is open to those who are single or married who are college age, or just beginning their families, and raising young children.  Teachers are Cindy Baird and Allison Poindexter.

The Journeymen Class

The Journeymen class is open to those who are single or married and whose children are in college and/or who are own their own beginning their careers and families. Teachers are DK Baria and Sara Ann Harris.

The Eva Cook Class

The Eva Cook Class is open to those who are single or married and 55 years or older.  "If you have a little age on you, but don't think of yourself as old, this is your class!"  Teacher is Scott Poindexter.


The Fellowship Class

Teacher Lanny Kennedy