Inverness United Methodist Church
Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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Study Programs for 2011

I Believe in Jesus     The Beauty and Courage of Sudan
     For the Love of God            Joy to the World
January          10     Cricket King
                                           Installation of Officers
                         24     Mollie Smith
                                           Pledge Service
February        14     Nettye Wright
                                           Study--The Beauty and Courage of Sudan
                       28     Neda Anderson & Charlotte Sibley
                                           Study--I Belive in Jesus
March             14     Ducky Catlette & Susan Jones
                                           Study--The Beauty and Courage of Sudan
                        28     Floyce Adams
                                          Study--I Believe Jesus
April               11     Carolyn Garrard & Neda Anderson
                                          Study--The Beauty and Courage of Sudan
                        25     Wesie Dupy
                                          Study--I Believe in Jesus
May                  9     Alice King
                                          Study--The Beauty and Courage of Sudan
                        23     Call to Prayer and Self-Denial
June                         Annual Conference
September     12     Alma Flynn
                                            Study--For the Love of God
                         26     Mary Evelyn Ammons
                                   Greenwood District Mission Mini-School
                                   Annual UMW Meeting
October          10     Marie Parker
                        24     Neda Anderson & Charlotte Sibley
                                  Annual UMW District Meeting
November     14      Nettye Wright
                        28     Carolyn Garrard
                                  World Thankgiving Program
December        5      Christmas Program & Party